What can I expect in a counseling session?

After you make the first appointment with me, the very first thing I need to do is a psychosocial assessment of your status. The first assessment takes about an hour. Based on that assessment, I will recommend how often and approximately how long it will take you to achieve your goals for therapy. Almost most of the time, it is best to start with weekly sessions, and we gradually tapper it down to every other week, then monthly. A regular session, following the assessment, usually lasts 45-50 minutes. Between sessions, clients are assigned to do homework that we agree on collaboratively during our session.

What therapeutic model do you use?

I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT), what it means for you is that I work collaboratively with you to help you navigate through your life to achieve your goals or to resolve whatever challenges you are experiencing, and you are an active participant of this process. Cognitive behavior therapy is one of the few forms of psychotherapy that has been proven scientifically to be effective for many different mental health challenges. CBT therapy is based on the idea is that our thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and the social environment that we live in, are interconnected. We emphasize on your present challenges, to find a workable solution in a reasonable time frame while taking your past into consideration.

What benefits can I expect from working with a counselor/therapist?

Working with a therapist could be a life-changing experience for people. We (as professionals in mental health) dedicate our life educating ourselves in the human mind and how it works. In my therapeutic model (CBT), we believe, it is not the situation that influences how you feel, but rather, we believe how you perceive (or interpret) a specific situation influences how you feel, and your past contributes to those interpretations. You may have noticed what when you are in distress, you often do not think clearly, or your thoughts get distorted in some way. Depending on your goals for therapy, the benefits could really change the way you think about your past and present and approach a problem, and hopefully, you can take away the skills that can last a lifetime.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, I accept insurance! Our intake office (734-285-8282 Ex 3) can check your insurance details, such as do you have mental health benefits? How many sessions per calendar year does your plan cover? What is your deductible?

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Whatever challenges you are facing, we can work through them together. We’ll leverage your strengths to uncover your potential and open a world of new possibilities. I’m here to guide you through your journey.

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